Thoughts for soul

Thoughts about the visual stories of a Fine Art Messenger

Let it rain on you…Be the light you want to see…

We all have our passions we talk, dream about and work for. We wish and pray for visible and tangible proofs that our passions will surround us and will reminds us constantly  the vision for our life, even in harsh and challenging moments. Yet, we sometimes wonder “what if I stumble? what if I fall?What if I don`t see the meaning?” I guess is no harm in asking, on the contrary these question marks will always make us desire and fight more, so let it rain on you…

If you want to see light in your life…start being one for the others…they will have no chance than to shine with you!

Take a breath and smell the beauty of uniqueness that is around you!

Be significant LIGHT!

My backyard business

The last two years of my life involved incredible soulsearching moments and some radical decisions to make. All the  life changes took me HERE, to this place where I plan my passion to invade all the dimensions of my life.
Nonetheless, my identity was not changed, but defined. My values were not changed, but put into action. My dreams were not changed, but cristalised to meet the reality of their implementation.
My fears of engaging in a photography journey were determined to make me quit. In a nutshell, they were all in/from my head. Yet, as soon as I acknowlegde them, they started to disappear.
Meanwhile, me and my husband moved in a 100 old house with a lot of repairing needed. At the beginning I was in a state: ” I do not know where to start first and where to finish”. But gradually, I started to see the house in a new way, full of magic opportunities. I began making sketches and sketches of ideas I had in my head. The same head that was creating fears, was now creating ideas. And so, my backyard businessstarted (a funny name I end up naming it to take the pressure off but still call it work).
I realised that you don`t need a lot of money to create a visual story, but determination, the willingness to search for locations and embracing the fear of failure. So, this wants to be a place of sharing ideas, projects and possible collaborations.